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Tamil stickers for WhatsApp is an 3rd party WhatsApp stickers app by RedLeaf Softs. It contains all type of stickers in Tamil to chat in WhatsApp. It has more then 50 Sticker Pack and 1500+ Stickers. It’s the largest Tamil WhatsApp sticker app. In this blog we are going to see what stickers are this pack contains and their picture. 

1. Youtubers Sticker

Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp by RedLeaf Softs has Youtubers stickers. Which includes Parithabangal Stickers, Jump Cuts Stickers, Go-Su Stickers, Black Sheep Stickers, Eruma Saani Stickers, Micset Sriram Stickers, Being Tamilan Stickers, Nakkalites Stickers and much more animated versions of them.

2. Comedians Stickers

Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp by RedLeaf Softs has Comedians stickers including 10+ packs of Vadivelu stickers alone. That includes animated versions too. Apart from that it also have Goundamani, Senthil, Sivakarthikeyan, Soori and much more.

3. Movie Hero's Stickers

Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp by RedLeaf Softs has Movie Hero’s stickers including Thalapathi Vijay Stickers, Ajithkumar Stickers and Sivakarthikeyan Stickers.

4. Movie Stickers

Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp by RedLeaf Softs has lot of Movie stickers including Nerkonda Parvai Stickers staring Ajithkumar, Dhilluku Thuttu – 2 Stickers staring santhaanam, Kee Stickers staring Jeeva, Natpe Thunai Stickers and Meesaya Murukku staring HipHop Tamizha Aadhi, Gilli and Master Stickers staring Vijay, Pulikesi Stickers staring Vadivelu and also Shaolin Soccer and Kund fu Hustle stickers.

5. Social Media Trending Stickers

Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp by RedLeaf Softs has Social Media Trending and Meme stickers.

6. Television Stickers

This app includes lot of Television Show stickers. Cook with Comali is a Comedy cooking reality show conducted in Vijay Television. This show produces a lot of comedy and celebrity people. Shivangi and Pugazh are two big names in this show. Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp by RedLeaf Softs includes both Cute Shivangi Stickers for WhatsApp and Pugazh Stickers for WhatsApp inside the Cook with Comali Sticker pack. To get Cook with Comali stickers, Shivangi stickers, Pugazh Sticker click this link.

    Apart from Shivangi Stickers and Pugazh Stickers, Vijay television has lot of celebrities and comedians. Few of them are Priyanka Deshpande and Sandy Master. Priyanka Deshpande is famous for her anchoring and reactions. So, Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp by RedLeaf Softs has animated sticker pack for Priyanka Deshpande. This pack includes reactions and dialogues of Priyanka Deshpande. On the other side Sandy Master is famous for is dancing and Bigg Boss in Vijay Television. His reactions and dialogues are also made as a pack called Sandy Master Stickers.

7. Animated Stickers Stickers

Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp by RedLeaf Softs has Tamil Animated stickers for WhatsApp.
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