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          In this 21st century education becomes the basic need of everyone. Each and every child has the right to pursue his/her basic need in this democratic country, but every child has their own problem on pursuing it. Many of us were don’t know about where we have to go to pursue it. Don’t worry we make everything accessible to you easily which makes your education phase much more easier and lovely. Let’s introduce the all in one combo NCERT Study made easy books app.

Books Index

           Text books from lower classes to higher classes are aligned at a comprise and regular manner. You can feel a calm and pleasant feeling while using this application, once you feel a pleasant feeling means your focus will never miss and the learning process won’t become tedious for you.

Mentors help

             Basically, everyone likes if someone guide them in a right way also helping them to reach their goals. Hurray! we have that feature, you can understand the concept from reading the text books. After that if you need in depth concept explanation means you can access our guide materials and solution books which are available in our application all in one combo.