During this pandemic situation, it becomes very much difficult to get a proper primary education and knowledge which are generally needed for proper survival in this competitive world. Don’t worry, we are working on that. Nool for Kerala School Books is an education-based application specially made for Kerala state board school students.

Various Mediums

          In general, a child can easily learn everything if there is a method of teaching in the same language in which he/she thinks. We updated all the four mediums of Kerala school board ,so that they can easily pick what they need.

Multiple Mentors

      Usually every student face a problem that very much affects their studies nothing but misguidance. If a student gets a proper guidance means they will definitely shine in their studies. That’s cool! we have a set of study materials for you in each medium which are so much helpful for your understandings.

Easy Learning

        Everyone has the habit of taking notes while reading a book isn’t it? You don’t need a pen or paper for taking notes so you can study wherever you are. This facility will make you feel like you are in a real classroom and helps you to focus on your work without distraction.
      You can bookmark a page while you are going for a break and resume at the right page without wasting your time on searching for the page you left. The notes which you taken are very much helpful while you are in the final preparation of exams.


        Process is more important than the result, result is the byproduct of the process. you can check your HSC and SSLC Kerala board exam results through Padasalai. For your completion of school everything is in your hand in a single application called Padasalai.
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