Netflix of Shorts

Defo - An Infotainment Video Platform

Project Requirement

    Despite the popularity of short-form content, there is currently a lack of centralized platforms dedicated to infotainment shorts. Consumers are often forced to search multiple platforms to find short-form content that is both entertaining and informative.

    This creates a fragmented viewing experience that can be time-consuming and frustrating. As a result, there is a need for a dedicated infotainment shorts app that provides a centralized platform for consumers to discover and enjoy this type of content.

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Tech Stacks

  • Flutter


  • Dart


  • Node.js


  • MongoDB


  • Firebase


  • CentOS


  • Nginx


  • Bunny CDN

    Bunny CDN

  • GitHub Actions

    GitHub Actions

  • Razorpay


  • FFmpeg


  • Jira


Video Streaming Architecture

          We were tasked with streaming video content for this project, and the client, had specific requirements regarding the codec to be used. After thorough analysis, we determined that the HLS protocol was the best option for video streaming.

          However, the client needed the video transcoded using the H.265 codec, which posed a challenge since Bunny CDN, the content delivery network being used, only supported H.264.

          In order to meet the client’s needs, we decided to leverage FFMPEG to create the HLS video with H.265 support. Through this solution, we were able to seamlessly stream high-quality video content using the required codec, and achieve the desired results for our client without compromising the quality.

Subscription Architecture

          We integrated Razorpay as the payment gateway to facilitate seamless online transactions. Razorpay is a popular payment gateway provider that offers secure and reliable payment processing services, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transactions for users.

         Additionally, we used Chargebee to manage the subscription process, which allowed us to automate the billing and invoicing process, saving time and resources.

          Chargebee is a subscription management platform that provides flexible billing, subscription management, and revenue optimization solutions. By leveraging these tools, we were able to create a seamless user experience, while effectively managing the subscription process for our client.

Backend Architecture

          For the Backend, after complete research, we utilized two servers to host separate components of our application. One server was dedicated to handling administrative tasks, while the other was used by regular users.

         We implemented a backend using Node.js, an open-source, JavaScript runtime environment that enables efficient and scalable server-side scripting.

         To ensure optimal performance and security, we deployed the servers on CENT OS, a widely used and stable Linux distribution. Additionally, we utilized Docker and Kubernetes (K8) container orchestration tools to enhance scalability and enable faster deployment.

          For our database needs, we opted for Mongo DB Cloud, a fully managed cloud-based database service that offered a reliable and scalable solution.

Tech Stack

Flutter, Node.js, MongoDB


Android, iOS - App, Web - Dashboard

Project Type

Complex, Streaming, Entertainment

Duration and Cost

3 Months and $5,000