Why Choose Us?

How complex it is, don't worry leave that to us. We will build application best in Industry Standards and
with up-to date technology. So, it will give us a upper hand when comes to,

Fast Development

Over the years of experience and Internal Library, The development process of us was much faster than you think.

Good Performance

We are following industry standards and scalable architecture so that you can get a smooth and seamless performance.

Lower Cost

Since our force fully operates in India, you will get the same skill at a much lower cost without compromising quality.


What They Say About Us

Here are the few words from our client's and app users to know about us.

Dharani Shree Jeeva

Padasalai makes me average to topper

When the school starts average mark only .but now I am a topper in the class . thank u for padasalai app... It's gives me pleasure . I gives the Rate of full stars.. I never forgot. Until end.

Dharani Shree Jeeva

Padasalai makes me average to topper
Padasalai makes me average to topper
Mohan Raj

Stickers app makes me happy

This app is very useful and chatting. I love the app and the YouTube Stickers.

Mohan Raj

Stickers User
Stickers app makes me happy
Stickers app makes me happy

Helpful for competitive exams

This app is very helpful to me. Thanks for to create this app. To prepare to government exams this app is so helpful and my kindly request is to add the additional things to this app. Thanks for your team to create this app.


Exam Aspirant
Helpful for competitive exams
Helpful for competitive exams


Trust Our Process

Each and every one has their own way of making a product. Like that we also have some unique style of
development process. We follow agile methodology instead of Waterfall model.

Step 1

Research and Analysis

Without a proper analysis and planning no can do a world class product. That's why we spend a lot of hours on initial analysis.

Step 2

Prototype and Design

After that, we will develop a prototype for the product which going to build. Prototyping will help us to find out whether any difficulties occur.

Step 3

Develop and Test

Completing the prototypes, the development process will begin. simultaneously will gone through various phases of testing.

Step 4


Instead of waterfall model we use agile development model. So that our client can continuously involved in each and every stage.


Frequently Asked Questions

The questions which you may have in your mind.

1. For which platforms RedLeaf Softs develop application?

RedLeaf Softs develop industry-standard applications for Android and iOS, Windows, macOS and Web Applications.

2. What is the price of RedLeaf Softs for developing software?

The cost of app development depends on various factors like the complexity of the application and the platforms you want to build. For more contact us.

3. How long does it take to develop an app?

The time taken for development generally depends on the app's structure, complexity, and requirements. It takes 45 days to 6 months to go live.