A Suite of Educational Apps.

Padasalai - An Educational Suite

  • Flutter


  • Dart


  • Node.js


  • MongoDB


  • Firebase


  • Azure


  • GitHub Actions

    GitHub Actions

  • Razorpay


  • Zepto Mail

    Zepto Mail

  • SalesIQ


  • AdMob


  • Jira


business solution

Wait, why Padasalai?

In today’s digital world, access to educational resources has become necessary for students. However, not all students can afford expensive school books and guides, which often serve as crucial resources for learning. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for students to continue their studies in traditional classrooms, resulting in a surge in demand for online educational resources.

Therefore, there is a pressing need for an educational app that provides free-of-cost access to school books and guides, which can be used by students and aspirants during the pandemic and beyond.

So, What's Padasalai?

    Padasalai is an Educational Suite which contains multiple products like Nool, Kalam, and Suvadi. Each serves a different purpose. Nool is a product where users can fetch, download and read books and materials of their respective standard. Using Suvadi users can take and share notes while reading books. And Kalam is a Platform to prepare for competitive exams in a gamified manner which includes a detailed Roadmap, Mock Test, Current Affairs, Job Updates, and more.

Padasalai Cover page

Features Included

Generally padasalai has the following features and more than 20 pages.

  • OAuth Sign In
  • Subscription
  • Read Books
  • Bookmarking
  • Markdown Supported Editor
  • Gamified Structures
  • Personalized Test Report
  • In-App Chat Support

Tech Stack

Flutter, Node.js, MongoDB


Android, iOS, Web, Windows

Project Type

Complex, Education, Data Driven

Duration and Cost

5 Months and $12,000. Since this is In-House Project the cost is low.

500 K+


4 K+


1 K+


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