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We knows all the Ins and Outs of the latest technology which will make your vision into reality.
Cross Platform Development

Cross Platform Development

Our team is well experienced in cross platform development using Flutter. We can able to build Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Mac and Linux applications.

Native Development

Native Development

As everyone knows that android is the biggest platform to get your business easily dive. Here at RedLeaf we develop High Quality Native Android apps in Kotlin with the scalable MVVM architecture.

API Development

API Development

Almost all the applications depend on the API. We provide API development with Node.js and MongoDB.

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That depends on the requirement of the project. Usually, it will cost from 2,000$ to 40,000$, for more Contact Us.

The answer depends on the complexity and requirement of the project. Usually, it will take from 3 - 9 months.

There are a lot of stages in app development. From Analysis -> Design -> Development -> Testing -> Delivery. Each and every process will take its time. Another thing everyone forgot in most of the projects is a complete project will have Mobile App, Backend, and Dashboard. So, the total time includes are for all the things in a project.

We only providing Mobile Application Development and our team is well experienced in that. So, we are best at what we provide.

We at RedLeaf Softs Providing Mobile Application Development service from early 2019. As of 2022 we build more than 10 mobile apps.

That's depend on various factors. If the sole purpose of the app platform dependent then it's always better to choose native. But the app is data depended like ecommerce, social media then it's better to choose Flutter due to it's cross platform ability.

MongoDB is one of the popular NoSQL Database. It's better known for its scalability and performance.